Worried about a loved one missing doctor appointments? We can help ensure they are getting the care they need, safely at home. 

When everything else is uncertain, you shouldn’t have to worry that your loved one is getting the care they need – safely.

Transitions Hospice provides care in the safety of home for individuals with end stage serious illness. Our care is focused on improving the quality of life by controlling the pain, symptoms, burdens and stresses of serious illness. Since illness affects more than our bodies, our care also addresses the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness.

If a loved one is living with a serious illness and not getting the care they need, it could be affecting their quality of life. Uncontrolled symptoms and pain could also worsen to the point your loved one will need to seek emergency care that takes them out of the safety of their home. 

So right behind safety, consider their quality of life. Their ability to live as fully as possible in the time that remains can be directly affected by their access to the medical care and support they need. 

Don’t let fear stand in the way of getting the care, support and peace of mind you need. In reality, coping with the additional challenges we face today make this the perfect time to call us.

The Benefits We Bring Include:

Care Delivered in the Safety of Home Helps Keep You Home.

Our care prevents trips to the emergency room, urgent care or the hospital. All, places most likely to be overburdened with a higher risk of exposure to coronavirus.

We manage pain and symptoms in the comfort of home. Should your loved one begin to need more care, our plans of care change as your loved one’s disease or needs progress. This allows us to continue to manage your loved one’s care at home by providing a continuum of care. 

Clinicians Highly Trained and Dedicated to Safety.

Our clinicians are highly experienced in infectious disease prevention and protocols. We strictly follow all CDC and local Health Department Guidelines. Every team member practices daily self monitoring to ensure they are safe to deliver care.

Access to Care 24/7.

Our team is only a phone call away 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more worrying about those 3 am trips to the ER. 

Emotional Support and Connection.

There’s no question, we’re living in a very different world. Our care has always focused on bringing relief to the emotional struggles and spiritual questions serious illness can carry for the patient and their family. During COVID-19, with social distancing and isolation, emotional and spiritual care is even more important. Our team of social workers, volunteers and chaplains are available to provide connection to ease isolation, stress, and fear.

Caregiver Support.

Caregiving can be very isolating, especially during a pandemic. Our care brings an extra layer of support for the family caregiver. We’ll help you better navigate your caregiver role through resources, education, and guidance that builds confidence and skill so you feel less overwhelmed. But maybe most importantly, we provide simple human connection
with our team who understands what is upon your shoulders. You don’t have to carry this on your own.

A Caring Team Focused On Your Love One’s Unique Needs.

We’ll work closely with your loved one’s physician to develop a plan of care uniquely focused on their needs. Your loved one’s doctor always remains involved in their care. We’ll become an extension of their team, bringing expert care and support into the comfort and safety of home. So you can stop worrying about missed doctor appointments.

Transitions Hospice can safely provide care that helps keep your loved one at home. Give us a call today at 417.777.2703 or contact us below, to learn if Transitions Hospice is an option. Our care is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances.

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